Sometimes the most difficult journey is ​the journey  home​​

Sometimes the most difficult journey is the journey home


What is an End of Life Doula?

Everyone has a story to tell. What story do you want to leave behind?

A legacy is a story of your life that can be shared from generation to generation.  Through your story families can learn life lessons, find comfort in their grief and in some cases can find the meaning of life.  With storytelling, we fall in love with characters and see ourselves in their triumphs and tragedies.  Ultimately through the story we can have a greater understanding of the individual. 

By telling your story you are starting down a path of self discovery while creating a lasting gift for your family to help them with their grief. 

End of Life Doulas provide comfort, compassion, companionship and caring for the dying individual and family before, during, and after a death occurs.   We do not work with the legal aspects or the clinical aspects (hospice services) rather fill in the gap for families by facilitating supportive communication/conversations between all parties and assist in the creation of meaningful goodbyes during the remaining hours of life.  The culmination of this communication can be a legacy project and/or a vigil plan. 



A legacy project is a way to preserve the life story of the dying individual. Doulas assist the dying in telling of their story.

The legacy project can take many forms such as letter writing,  journaling, videos, pictures and audio recordings, just to name a few. 

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The vigil plan allows the dying individual some control over the dying process.  The Doula works directly with the dying to create a plan for how they want to spend their final days and hours.  The doula communications the vigil plan and provides support to the dying and the familes. 

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Training is available for individuals or organizations interested in learning how to do the work of an End of Life doula. 

Workshops are also available for people interested in beginning a legacy project. 

Compassion Cafe - Coming Soon. 

These are free sessions that offer a unique opportunity to talk about death in a healthy manner in a cozy comfortable setting.  

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